Rehau is a leading provider of windows and has been our supplier for over 20 years, ensuring that you get the best in terms of design and installation from our partnership.

The Rehau S706 windows are the first choice for most families, thanks to their proven reputation, stylish frames and focus on exceeding security expectations.


  • Chamfered or fully sculptured profiles available using REHAU Edge.
  • Dummy mullion allows full aperture opening.
  • Fully reinforced sash using galvanised steel.
  • Pre-routed on locking side ensures continuous reinforcement.
  • REHAU’s innovative weldable corner joint system can be incorporated to increase rigidity of the door.
  • Complies with the requirements of the Building Regulations covering Conservation of Fuel and Power – Part L (England and Wales) and Part J (Scotland) when glazed using the correct type of sealed unit.
  • Sound insulation is dependent on glazing specification.
  • Must be fitted with safety glass which meets requirements of BS 6262.

All of these windows have options for customisation, including locking mechanisms, hinges and opening styles.

We offer windows in the classic PVC white as well as other colour options.

Classic Windows specialises in colour frames, ensuring you get a product with a difference.

Find out more about our window designs, installations and customisation options by contacting us on 01207 284 707 or email